Project Description

  • Spread out over 19 acres and encompassing only 484 residential units, Green 5 is generously landscaped to ensure that each unit enjoys spectacular, unrivalled views.
    The overall design of Green 5 ensures privacy for all unit types; whether they are multiple levelled, ground floors with a garden, or third-floor units with private access rooftops. The privacy, security, and peace of mind are beyond compromise.
  • Green 5 is strategically located in the heart of 6th of October, The location was chosen to accord to careful studies regarding its proximity to vital service areas of 6th of October city, and critical access points (Juhayna Square, Waslet Dahshour and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road) that enable quick and easy access to the entirety of the greater Cairo.
  • Every kid is unique. And many times, discovering and treating their health needs can require equally unique care. That’s why we believe in working together as a team to provide the best care for your child. Your interdisciplinary care team include doctors, nurses , therapists, physical therapists, dietitians, or other support services, depending on your child’s care needs.
  • The Center is a warm and charming space for children of all ages, supporting their physical, social and emotional needs. Families are surrounded by an uplifting and creative environment that reduces stress, promotes healing, and provides a superior patient experience.
  • Pediatric center will consist of specialized clinics, Physical therapy, special education room, Gait training, play therapy room and waiting area.


MEDE Services:

  • planning
  • engineering
  • management
  • operation