About MEDE

Who Is MEDE ?

MEDE is a healthcare real estate planning, development, management and financing consultant company based in Egypt.

The company is built on a unique partnership model between some of the most  experienced and credible local and international players operating in the domain of  healthcare project planning, development, operations management and project financing  for the last +20 years.

Medical Services

Our Services

What MEDE Do?

We start by first understanding our client’s objectives, short term goals, long term visions and help them turn and implement their ideas into actionable plans. We work shoulder to shoulder with our customer, making sure that we deliver results.

Planning Services

Planning Services

Market detailed studies and research to identify local market needs in the  healthcare sector.

Engineerng Services

Engineerng Services

Facility designing, planning and development management, converting the outline  scope of services to be provided, as defined in the feasibility study, into actionable,  safe, high quality and cost-effective building design customized to each project  needs.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Guarantee capital to initiate or to complete under construction or upcoming  healthcare projects.

Management Services

Management Services

Providing customers with more efficient and cost-effective ways to operate while  maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Experienced staff comprising of  highly skilled asset and property managers to ensure that property is managed in a  first-class manner.


Sample Of Our Projects

Why Do You Choose MEDE ?

We accompany and provide our customers with first in class tailor-made service in every  step of the project. Starting from the very beginning of carrying a feasibility study, through  the various stages of planning, designing, construction and till the final stage of running  the healthcare facility, delivering results and achieving their goals, while ensuring the  shortest delivery time and minimizing the risk of delays and cost increases.

Why Choose Us

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News & Media

“Al-Ahly Sabbour” signs a memorandum of understanding with “MEDE for Medical Development”

By |November 3, 2021|Categories: news|

Al-Ahly Sabbour Company, the leading company in the real estate industry in Egypt, has signed a memorandum of understanding with MEDE for Medical Development, the company specialized in planning, developing, managing and financing healthcare projects, to.....

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